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Why project Futur

In Indonesia it often occurs that children can not go to school, because their parents are not able to pay for education. In most cases children already have to work for their family at young age. If there is some money left, the parents mostly choose the boys to get to school, while the girls have to work, to bring in the money for the boys. In April 2008 I worked as a volunteer in an orphanage in Dalung, Bali, and in a school for underprivileged children. After that I had a strong feeling to start a project for children on Bali. After some considerations me and my wife made our choice to start a project in northern Bali in Banyualit, which is a small place between Singaraja and Lovina. We are familiar with that surrounding area and know that assistance to poor children is really necessary there.


Giving money for charity is easy, but only by being closely associated with aid projects, we know for sure that money is spent on where it is meant and needed for. Two close Balinese friends of ours, Putu Ari Sinartini and Komang, are helping us with the project. They live in Banyualit and like to do this work with heart and soul. We have given the project the Balinese name "Futur", what simply means "Future". By this name we will indicate that children can hope on a better future in society by going to school. We handle this by helping the children who are not able to go to basic school (in Indonesia it is called "sekolah dasar"), because the family does not have the money for it. Basic education in Indonesia is in principle free available, but because of the obligation to wear school uniforms, buying textbooks and notebooks, transport to school, etc, there is a need for a considerable amount of money. For most families the income is below normal standards or even lower. A child can go to school for about 70 Euro per year. We buy all necessary belongings for them and take care that they go to school. In addition, it is important that we stick to the agreement that we don't give any money to the family. We pay or buy everything by ourselves. We also don't want "to play Santa Claus"; we decide on the height of our expenses needed per child. Regularly we will check what parents can pay by themselves. This is difficult to control, but at least it is our intention. In this way we help children to go to school who really need it. We also check if the children really go to school every day by having regular meetings with the teachers. Because the children we help are mostly behind with lessons, we give also extra lessons after school time. Putu Ari and Komang take care of this themselves. A place behind the house of Komang is specially equipped for this lessons. They help the children with their homework and give extra lessons in English, arithmetic and Indonesian language. To offer the children a change, they also give drawing lessons and lessons in Balinese dancing.


You understand that we, beside our own donation to this project, can help more children if you also want to offer some money. After starting this project in August 2008 till now we did help already 75 children to school yearly, but still many are waiting for our help. We want to ask your cooperation in this project by a once-only or maybe regular donation. All gifts, also the small ones, are more than welcome. We guarantee that all the money goes to the children, additional costs will be paid by ourselves.