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project futur (49) september 2020
project futur (48) juni 2020
project futur (47) maart 2020
project futur (46) december 2019
project futur (45) september 2019
project futur (44) juni 2019
project futur (43) maart 2019
project futur (42) december 2018
project futur (41) september 2018
project futur (40) juni 2018
project futur (39) maart 2018
project futur (38) december 2017
project futur (37) september 2017
project futur (36) juni 2017
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Publicity of facts Futur Foundation.

Futur Foundation is registered at Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Institution. This is an organisation with ANBI status; translated in Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI). This means that we are legally bound to make all factual information public. As Futur Foundation we embrace transparency as a principle and give you all information about our Foundation.

Futur Foundation

Contact information:
Fred Wiegel
J.L.Pisuissestraat 5
7558 LT Hengelo
The Netherlands

Tax identification number:

Chairman: Fred Wiegel
Committee member: Fia Wiegel
Committee member: André Kamstra

Payment policy:
Chairman and Committee members are working for the Foundation as a volunteer without any payment or allowance for expenses. Only the actual job, performed by the volunteers on Bali, is paid as an allowance for expenses. All these and any other possible expenses, are paid by the founders of the Foundation themselves. This way of working will give all our sponsors the guaranty that all their money will be spend to help the children on Bali to be able to go to school.

Our financial overview and policy plan are not translated in English, but can be found in our Dutch Anbi overview.

Fred and Fia Wiegel